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Keratin / Hair Botox

Bring your hair back to life. Make your hair shiny and smooth again

  • From £60, consult

Service Description

Hair Botox is a great treatment for all, but here are just a few reasons why you might feel this is right for you: • Your hair is dry or damaged • Your locks appear dehydrated or frizzy • Your hair is dull or lifeless • You suffer with a dry scalp and/or dandruff • Hair has gone through colouring, bleaching or highlighting • Issues with split-ends • Perhaps you have over processed, straightened, curled and styled hair Everyone deserves manageable hair and this protein-packed treatment is just the thing to bring your hair from lacklustre to pure brilliance!! The effects of hair botox typically last 2-4 months but will vary from person to person. It is advised that you use sulphate free shampoo to enjoy longer lasting results. *Don’t be alarmed; although it is called Botox, it is not made from botulinum toxin, the main ingredient in prescription skin Botox injections—rather, it is named after the results it has on your hair and how the product works to rejuvenate your hair but without any potential adverse side effects, needles or pain!! Prices between £60-£150 We use WELLA products to get the best quality treatment. Why wait any longer?! Contact us to book your hair botox appointment today and see what a difference it makes to you!!

Contact Details

  • 281 Lymington Rd, Highcliffe, Christchurch BH23 5EB, UK

    01425 501 053

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